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I'm passionate about photography and being creative with my art ventures. I started out painting abstract oil paintings to help pay my way through college. Now, I'm in love with photography. For as long as I can remember, doing things the standard or some might say the normal way, has never been my style. That’s why most of my photos, will be digitally edited to have a finished look of a painting. Usually it’s oil but I do like to experiment.

Outdoor photography is what I enjoy most, I tend to be a natural light photographer. I concentrate on Wildlife, Nature, Floral, Abstract & Macro photography.

I was lucky enough to fall in love with a wonderful man. My husband is also a wildlife photographer and we are out shooting every chance we get. We live in southern Florida. I spend most of my time with Joe, Our friends, Enjoying the outdoors while taking photos, Kayaking, Hiking, Tennis, Playing with our cat Gypsy, Exploring and of course I love the amazing beaches.
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